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2019 Tentative Schedule

Tentative schedule for Calgary Spring Nevruz Festival, April 27th, 2019. The time and content of the programs may vary. Contact us for detailed information.

Start Up Program
Time Program Detail
12:00 Opening Speech/MLA-Burc
12:15 Land acknowledgement and welcome song
12:45 Bangladesh Community
13:00 Russian Community
13:15 Iran Community
13:30 Azerbaijan Community
Afternoon Program
Time Program Detail
13:45 Stick Dance
14:00 Russian Community
14:15 Turkish and International Folk Dance
14:30 Azerbaijan Community
14:45 Friday Folk Dance Group
15:00 Afghanistan Community
Afternoon Program
Time Program Detail
15:15 Turkish Folk Dance 
15:30 Stick Dance
15:45 Turkish Folk Dance
16:00 First Nation Dance Group
16:15 Saz
16:30 Afghanistan Community
Evening Program
Time Program Detail
16:45 Friday Folk Dance Group
17:15 Saz 
17:30 Closing Speech-MLA/Burc
18:00 Closure
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Calgary Spring Festival